Abraham Lincoln #2
Abraham Lincoln #1
Belle Watling Bell Earrings
Bette Davis Pretty in Pink
Bette Davis Sunset Sapphire Ring
Betty Draper Mad Men
Clark Gable as Rhett Butler Watch Chain
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Coretta Scott King #2
Coretta Scott King #1
Don Draper Mad Men
Eleanor Roosevelt #1
First Lady Melania Trump Inauguration Earrings
Franklin D. Roosevelt #1
Gone with the Wind #1
Gone with the Wind 2
Gone with the Wind 3
Gone with the Wind 4
Gone with the Wind Collection
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Hattie McDaniel Brooch "Mammy"
Humphrey Bogart Ruby Ring
Jack and Jackie Kennedy #1
Jackie Kennedy #1
Jackie Kennedy #2
Jackie Kennedy #3
Jackie Kennedy Blue Enamel Bracelet
Jackie Kennedy Castellani Bracelet
Jackie Kennedy Charm Bracelet
Jackie Kennedy Classic Pearl Earrings
Jackie Kennedy Double Strand Pearl Necklace
Jackie Kennedy Engagement Bracelet
Jackie Kennedy Fleur de Lis Cross Necklace
Jackie Kennedy Genuine Turquiose Bracelet
Jackie Kennedy Genuine Turquoise Necklace
Jackie Kennedy Love Knot Bracelet
Jackie Kennedy Paperclip Necklace
Jackie Kennedy Pearl Cross and Seed Necklace
Jackie Kennedy Royal Egg Bracelet
Jackie Kennedy Silver and Diamonds Cross Necklace
Jackie Kennedy Single Strand Pearl Necklace
Jackie Kennedy Triple Strand Pearl Necklace
Jackie Kennedy Waterfall Earrings
Jean Harlow Charming Marquise
John F. Kennedy #1
John F. Kennedy #2
Mad Men Joan Harris
Mahatma Gandhi #1
Malcolm X #1
Malcolm X #2
Marilyn Monroe Bauble Ring
Marilyn Monroe Choice Ring
Marilyn Monroe Eternity Ring
Marilyn Monroe Fan Ring
Marilyn Monroe Gold Hoop Earrings (Niagara)
Marilyn Monroe Iconic Gold Earrings
Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch Earrings
Martin Luther King Jr. #1
Martin Luther King Jr. #2
Martin Luther King Jr. #3
Martin Luther King Jr. #4
Martin Luther King Jr. #5
Martin Luther King Jr. #6
Maureen O'Hara Blue Topaz
Miss Blankenship Mad Men
Natalie Wood Ruby Earrings
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Robert Kennedy #1
Roger Sterling Mad Men
Rosa Parks #1
Scarlett Drop Ruby Earrings
Scarlett O'Hara Southern Emerald Earrings
Scarlett O'Hara's Ruby Necklace
Teddy Roosevelt #2
Teddy Roosevelt #1
The Bette Davis Collection
The Humphrey Bogart Collection
The Jackie Kennedy Collection
The Jean Harlow Collection
The Marilyn Monroe Collection
The Maureen O'Hara Collection
The Melania Trump Collection
The Natalie Wood Collection
Vivien Leigh Scarlett O'Hara Gone with the Wind Jewelry Necklace (Pendant comes with 18K Gold Chain)